Torchbearer Society

The Torchbearer Society is the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s, premier leadership recognition society.

Its members have invested $1 million or more in their lifetime to help better the university and their generosity has made a transformative difference across campus.

We honor this elite group by featuring their name on the donor wall in Andy Holt Tower and the Tyson Alumni Center, sending custom Torchbearer Society materials throughout the year, as well as providing regular insights into their philanthropic impact.

Members of the Torchbearer Society lay the foundation for UT’s present success and future advancement.

Dante Grayson

Thank you! The UT community would not be possible without your support.

Dante Grayson

Class of 2025

Torchbearer Society Members

As of August 17, 2023

Moll and Charles Anderson Jr.
Charles Anderson Sr.
Susan and Terry Anderson
Mary S. and Richard A. Antonucci
David T. Bailey*
Jane O. Bailey
Ann and Steve Bailey
Dr. James A. Bains Jr.*
Howard H. Baker Jr.*
Gordon Ball
Phylis and Robert Baron
Wayne Basler
Wallace Baumann*
Richard Beckham*
Dr. Robert Birkhoff*
JoNelda Blalock*
John Boll
Jenny and Randy Boyd
Clarence Brown*
Don and Joan Bruce
Mary Byers*
Benjamin and Amanda Cade
Patricia and Warren Carmichael
Donna and Mike Chase
David and Janice Childs
Kevin and Michelle Clayton
Michael and Christy Coffey
Cindy and John Compton
Evelyn and Robert Condra*
Bobbie Congleton
Kelly and W. Michael Conley
Judith and Joseph Cook Jr.
Dan Crockett
Sara R. and Ross E. Croley
Jonnie Day*
Wallace Dean*
Thomas Dunlap*
Elaine and Thomas Edwards
Kathleen and Thomas Elam*
Candy and Charlie Ergen
Sondra and John Faris
William Ferguson*
Janice and John Fisher*
Barbara and William Freeman
Steve Garner
Marla and Jeff Gerber
Jill and James Gibson
Wendy and Robert Goodfriend

Larry J. Hagood
Lucy and Ray Hand
Natalie L. and James A. Haslam II
Dee and Jimmy Haslam III
Crissy and Bill Haslam
Janet and Ralph Heath
Todd and Christy Helton
Jennie and Dennis Hendrix
Charles and Kay Henry
Mrs. Judi and Dr. Jim Herbert Jr.
Margaret and Robert Hill
Ann and Chad Holliday
Kimberly and William Hollin
David Howard*
James Jones*
Debbie and Clay Jones
Janie and Allan Jones Jr.
Lynn Jones
Dr. Min-Hwan Kao
Robert J Kaplan MD and Mrs. Rebecca Kaplan
Joel A. Katz
Donna and Christopher Kinney
Tami and Chris Kittrell
Jane and Lowry Kline
Pamela and Thomas Korn
Barry and Marylee Large
Stephanie and Brent Large
Phillip and Janet Lawson
Brenda Lawson
Sherri Parker Lee
Robert Lindsay Jr.*
Mark Love
Ashley and Peyton Manning
Michael Marcum
Suzanne and Michael Masters
James McConnell*
Toby McKenzie*
George and Peggy Melton
Dan and Amy Miles
Brettany and Hazen Mirts
Sara Mitchell*
Dr. Margaret Morgan*
Laura and Steven Morris
Mrs. Blaire and Dr. Kenneth Mossman*
Gerry Niedert
Mrs. Lynda and Dr. Ronald Nutt
Robbie Nutt
James Ogle

Linda Ogle
W. Lawrence Patrick, Ph.D., J.D. and Susan Patrick
Ruth Patton*
Norman Post*
Charles P. Postelle Jr.*
Sandra G. and James J.* Powell Sr.
Larry Pratt
David and Sharon Ramsey
Mrs. Katherine and Dr. Stuart* Riggsby
Judy and King Rogers III
Richard Rose
William Ross*
George Sampson*
Anthony and Peggy Sciotto
Margaret and Dane Scism
Claude S. Simpson*
Jeanie and Edward Sims
Mrs. Karen L. Sisk
Mike Sisk
Lisa and Greg Smith
Terry and Donnie Smith
Stephen and Rebecca South
Fern and Manfred* Steinfeld
Deborah and David Stevens
Irene Stewart*
Kay and William Stokely
Andrew and Joanie Taylor
Dawn and Larry* Taylor
Wilma Thomas*
Lucille and B. Ray Thompson*
Eileen and John Thornton
Ann and John Tickle
William Vandergriff
Mark and Lynn Venrick*
Mr. Charles A. Wagner III and Nancy G. Wagner
Carol and Joseph Weller
Christopher Whittle
Melanie and John Willcutts
Amy and Timothy W. Williams
Alan and Wendy Wilson
Mr. Eric W. and Mrs. Barbara S. Witzig*
Lindsay Young*
Elaine and Eric Zeanah